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5 Ways to Speed up Your Samsung Galaxy S6


Samsung Galaxy S6 was unveiled last year and for this device, the South Korean tech giant has been praised on numerous occasions as far as the excellent design of the phone is concerned.

The phone gets even better when you look at its specs and features. However, it might at some point get problematic when it comes to heavy users. What usually happens is that the phone starts to slow down and offers poor performance as opposed to what was on the table during its first days of use.

The good side of the story is that there are some really nice workarounds, ranging from switching launchers to adjusting the system settings manually. Here are the top 5 ways you can use to speed up the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Use an alternate Android launcher

If your Galaxy S6 has begun slowing down, the first thing you can do is get an alternate launcher. You will see some changes are needed with different launchers, but some of the best options available today are Solo Launcher and Nova Launcher, among others. With any of these, you will be sure of getting stable performance when using the S6.

Clear the cache

The cache of not just the Galaxy S6, but also many other smartphones takes a very short time to fill up. This can have detrimental effects on the performance of your phone. Luckily, clearing the cache is a very simple task and it is also recommended that you do it regularly to keep your device’s performance optimized.

Go to Settings>App Manager and tap on each app as you move down the list. When inside the tapped-on app, you will see an option to clear the cache. Tap on it and that’s it!

Get rid of unused apps

You may have apps installed on your Galaxy S6, yet you never use them. These are what you need to check out for and get rid of them. What you need to do here is get your phone into the Edit mode by simply tapping on the top right corner of the device’s apps window. Once this is done, removing multiple programs from your device will be a walkthrough. The result is a much better and improved performance.

Delete resource-hungry widgets

Using widgets on Samsung Galaxy S6 can be very interesting, however, just like the above case, it is necessary to delete unused and resource-hungry widgets from your phone. The main point here is that you should cut down on widget reliance. You can get more details of how apps are using battery power via the Battery settings.

Factory reset

The only proven and known way of dealing with phones that are slowing down in performance is doing a factory reset. Although this will get rid of all your installed apps and saved files from the device, it will get your phone back to its original performance levels.

So, it is important that you backup your data so as to avoid losing them. There is an option of creating data backups on Google servers and once you re-enter your Google account into the factory-reset device, you will restore all saved data back to the device in a few taps.