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The big three upcoming consoles to look forwards to (Old Story)


Console gamers are in for a surprise treat this coming year with the release of three new consoles which are coming mid-generation cycle; this was a surprising move from all three major console developers especially as several of these are being released almost alongside Slim version of their predecessor consoles.

PlayStation 4 Neo

The PlayStation 4 Neo will be officially revealed tomorrow at the Sony PlayStation event in New York; this event will reveal the specifications for the console, it’s design and various other important features. It’s not yet known if the console will have any exclusives that won’t be shared with the PlayStation 4 or PS4 Slim.

Xbox Scorpio

While this console was announced during E3 2016, the exact details were kept hidden from the public; Microsoft has confirmed that the console will be released in 2017 and it’s currently expected to be released for the Christmas holiday period. While the head of Xbox commented that they had no plans to release any exclusives for the console, they later added that it’s up to developers if they want to make their game an exclusive.

Nintendo NX

While the other two consoles are focused towards 4K resolution and VR, Nintendo is taking a very different approach. According to leaks, the console will work as a handheld-home console hybrid and will feature AR technology along with the ability to play cartridges. This makes it a very different console and is certainly unique, even compared to all other previously released consoles. The console is expected to be revealed at the Tokyo Games Show this month.