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WhatsApp Calls on Android Tips and Tricks on Recording Them


Since app calls have taken over the communication world in the last few years, people have started asking how can they record a conversation if they are initiating a call within an app. Thankfully, the procedure is not as complicated as you might think, you just have to follow simple 8 steps. Though the process was tested on WhatsApp, it works on any app that allows you to make calls, such as Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc.

  1. It is useful to download an app to help you do this. Head to the Google Play Store and install an app called Real Call Recorder. This app works for recording on Viber, Skype, Tango, oovoo and WhatsApp.
  2. After you complete the installation, you can open the app and you will see that there is an On/Off button for recording calls. Make sure it’s turned on.
  3. Choose the audio format you wish. If you enter the settings menu, you will see that there are several options to choose from regarding the format you want the recording to be. The recommended option is MP3.
  4. You should now close the app after you saved all the settings.
  5. Open the app and call someone on WhatsApp, for instance. Now the call will be automatically recorded and the file will be saved on the SD card.
  6. After you end the call, you can go to the Real Call Recorder app and see there the recording. Also, you will get to see there the time, the date and the duration of the call. You can play it and listen to it right from the app.
  7. You can now share the conversation with others if you want. Also, you can save the file in the cloud if you just upload it.
  8. The last thing you should know is that you can change the language support for the app. It also supports various other languages such as French, Arabic, Spanish and many others.