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Samsung Galaxy S8 First Leaks Appears


The Samsung Galaxy S7 lineup was launched only six months ago and tech bloggers have already begun to speculate about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. There hasn’t been much talk about it due to the incidents related to the Note 7 and Samsung recalling the device, but here is a recap of what is rumored about the upcoming device.

Supposedly, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with two curved edges like the ones we’ve seen on Note 7 and some users think that it’s very unlikely that there will be another flat screened version of the S8.

It’s also believed that it may come in two screen sizes and, according to SamMobile, those two models are named Dream and Dream2. Also according to the same tech site, it’s rumored that the devices will have the model numbers SM-G955 and SM-G950 and that the naming will skip the number four in the model numbers because it is associated with bad luck in South Korean lore.

The upcoming Galaxy S8 is also rumored, much like the iPhone 7 before it, to no longer sport the headphone jack and that Samsung will incorporate its own brand of headphone port. If Apple did it, why shouldn’t Samsung?

There are also some rumors that the upcoming device will have better batteries than this current generation, due to a problem encountered by many owners of the Galaxy Note 7 – a device that had to be recalled for causing several incidents where it caught fire while charging. As a result, the Note 7 was banned from airports and airlines.

So, it’s very likely that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature better batteries and hopefully, replaceable ones, because those always make smartphone users feel more safe in case something goes wrong with them.

Lastly, the device is rumored to be launched sometime in February 2017, just after the Holiday season.