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Clash of Clans fights to survive against Pokemon Go


Clash of Clans has been struggling from a downsized player-base lately; according to reports, millions of players are leaving the game however this mass migration occurred after Supercell announced another ban wave. It’s possible that a large number of the players who left were actually bots or hackers but there have been no comments from Supercell about this.

New features are coming to Clash of Clans in hopes that they’ll keep players entertained and to ensure that they don’t migrate to Pokemon Go; the Clan Challenge feature coming in the next update encourages a more casual playstyle and could create a more friendly community between the different clans in the game.

The new Clan Challenge feature will supposedly offer better support for events which could mean that Supercell has more event plans for the popular strategy game. The company has previously announced that the annual ClashCon convention has been canceled this year.