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Console Minecraft players get a Spleef inspired mini-game


The next mini-game has finally been released for console Minecraft gamers and this mode is based on the popular Spleef mode; Spleef is an unofficial gamemode created by the PC Minecraft community where players fight to be the last one standing on a destructible arena.

Console players will know this mode as “Tumble” instead however; Tumble has several arena types where players destroy the floor in hopes of causing the other players to fall to their deaths. Several different arena’s are available in this mode where players can fight on just one floor level or multiple levels which may contain different hazards such as TNT.

Tumble was released as a free update for the PS3, PS4 and also the XB360 and XBO; there has been no news about what the next mini-game might be. Some players suggest that it could be a rendition of Sky Blocks or Dragon Run which are both popular on the PC version of Minecraft.