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PlayStation 4 Slim vs Xbox One S


Both slim consoles have officially been released however, the PS4 Slim is actually being released as the new model for the PS4 and will not be sold as a separate console. Each console has seen a few changes that could make them both worth purchasing.

These two slim consoles are much smaller than their original counterparts but they are slightly different; the PS4 slim features a 1.6 GHz eight-core AMD CPU while the XBO S boasts a 1.75 GHz core making it slightly more powerful. The PS4 Slim is the smaller console of the two in both size and weight but the Xbox One S is still considerably smaller than the Xbox One.

Gamers on the Xbox One S will be able to enjoy the 4K Blu-ray drive which can support HDR and 4K videos; the PS4 Slim also has a blu-ray drive but this can only support HDR, it doesn’t play videos in 4K resolution.

Neither console does anything too amazing and are very similar, the PS4 Slim is actually more powerful for gaming but the Xbox One S is better for anyone wanting to do more than just play games on their console.