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Google’s Allo to be Released Today, September 21


Famous leakster Evan Blass claims that Google will release Allo today, on September 21. This is a new service that was unveiled four months ago, at Google I/O 2016 and which will benefit from end-to-end encryption and will offer many other features.

By using Google’s neural networks and search engine, Allow will access the smart assistant and it will allow users to chat with their friends. Its feature called Shout will give them the option to change the size messages will appear (depending on how important they are) and based on what they contain, Allow will predict responses. The app has Google’s assistant built in, which allows it to access the assistant when users book restaurants, with OpenTable, for example. This app is capable of playing games with users, and to spell out film titles using emojis.

Back in May, Google said that Allo will arrive on Android and iOS. “At Google, we are continuously building products powered by Machine Learning to delight our users and simplify their lives,” has declared Pranav Khaitan of Google Research at I/O 2016, adding that Allo is a “a new smart messaging app that uses the power of neural networks and Google Search to make your text conversations easier and more productive. Just like Smart Reply for Inbox, Allo understands the conversation history to generate a set of suggestions that the user will likely want to respond with. In addition to understanding the context of your conversation, Allo learns your individual style, so the responses are personalized for you.”

With the help of Allo, other applications such as Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate can be brought into your conversations and if you want to know details of a trip and hotel, the application will access your agenda. Plus, if you’ll ask a simple question such as “Is my flight delayed?” you will receive details about your flight status, as Allo is able to understand what you’re saying.