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iPhone 7 Free Deals at AT&T and Verizon Review


It hasn’t been that long since the iPhone 7 lineup was launched and carriers are already offering deals in an attempt to convince their customers to get the new Apple device from them.

Apple has already begun the pre-ordering stage and the Jet Black model that was exclusive to the 128 GB and the 256 GB variants is already sold out. Those who pre-ordered the device will be getting it sometime in November.

Carriers have begun the pre-ordering phase for the iPhone 7 devices as well and many are offering very interesting deals for the 32 GB iPhone 7 variant that almost make it look like it’s for free.

Two of those carriers with seemingly crazy offers are AT&T and Verizon. The deal that they are offering is a very tricky one. If you’re their customer and you want to get the new iPhone 7, you’ll have to trade in your current iPhone which has to be an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or a 6s Plus. However, that iPhone that you’ll be trading in has to be in a good condition so that it may be valued at the cost of the 32 GB iPhone 7 variant. The latter is priced at $650 so your old device has to be worth at least that much, if you want to acquire the new iPhone.

Let’s say you get past that hoop. The two carriers are also asking you for a two-year contract, which is worth precisely $650 – the price of the used phone.

So, it’s up to you if you want to give a good working phone to Apple, be tied to that contract and be unable to upgrade to a different phone for at least two years. After all, Apple could resell your old but still very functional iPhone 6 model.