Google Maps users will never get lost again, thanks to the new update that introduced a blue beam that will guide their travels. The directional arrow has been replaced and from now on, Android users will have no problem reaching their destination, as they will follow the blue beam that will shine like a flashlight which will help them stay on the right path.

The beam will also indicate how strong the device’s signal is or if there are problems with the compass. When it gets narrower, the beam is affected by the tall buildings or thick metal objects nearby, but Google says that you can calibrate your phone if you hold it in your hand and draw an 8 in the air. “Once you master the curving motion, you’re one step closer to having a more accurate compass when you use Google Maps on your … phone,” has explained Google.

Google Maps will also show local speed limits using a road sign that will appear in the bottom corner of the device, when in navigation mode, but the application will also use the Android Auto system. Everything you’ll see on the screen will change depending on the current route, so you will know if you’re driving on highways, urban roads or you’re taking country byways.

A previous update brought more information on businesses and locations in countries that users visit. Luckily, even if they don’t know the local language, users are still able to get recommendations for supermarkets, doctor’s office and other local businesses. Google has released the update firstly in Japan and it will hit other countries soon. Restaurants, hotels and pharmacies will appear on the map view without clicking on a business.

Last week, Maps has received another update that added a menu bar with driving info, transit details and shortcuts to various locations.

Applications Google Maps Update Available for Android with Blue Beam Features