It’s only been two weeks since the iPhone 7 was launched and iOS 10 was showcased and now the specially designed apps for the OS are rolling in.

To begin with, the new iOS 10 comes with many great features and some of the most notable ones are those that have improved the messaging system. For example, users can now use stickers, drawings and various animations in their conversations and there’s even an App Store specifically for downloading stickers and games that don’t belong to Apple.

One of these sticker apps is the $2 Star Wars Stickers from Disney and it comes with many cartoon representations of the beloved characters from the Star Wars franchise. There’s even an C-3PO one that has the catchphrase ‘Oh, my!’. Other sticker apps you might like to try are the Pac-Man sticker pack which is distributed for free and the Sticker Pals (also free) that comes with many famous cartoon characters. A great paid sticker app is the Grammar Snob one that enables users engaged in a conversation to put red ink over the words in a message from a friend that will fix their grammar mistakes.

An awesome sticker feature is the fact that they be sent as stand-alone images or they can be placed over messages or photos. Then there is the Doodle: Schedule Maker free app that lets users set a voting system for certain dates, thus making it easier to schedule a get-together.

Another interesting and useful app to try out is the Circle Pay one. This app enables you to send money or Bitcoin through iMessages and it’s completely for free.

Lastly, there’s the iTranslate app which translates messages in a different language. It is also for free and it will enable users to talk to somebody that speaks a different language.

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