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WhatsApp Update Download Available with New Group Features


Recently, WhatsApp started to roll out an update for the beta application they released for Android. The upgrade is called version 2.16.281 and it fixes a huge amount of bugs, as well as transporting compatibility in what concerns public groups.

After you install the update, you will be able to add users to your WhatsApp group by simply tapping on a new button hich says “Invite to group via link”. You will find the button at the top of the contact list and, let’s face it, it will make your life a whole lot easier.

When you tap the button, it will generate a unique URL which you can share with your family, friends or public in three ways: write it in an actual NFC tag, send it as a message in another app or encode it in a QR code.

If you’re worried that some other people might join your group without you wanting it, WhatsApp has a solution for this too: you can revoke the code after a while in order to stop other people from joining the group.

Perhaps this feature addresses more a business user rather than a regular user, since it makes more sense for a business to send an email with a WhatsApp group link to many employees in order to connect with all of them at once, rather than a regular user contacting 4-5 friends in this way.

The latest build of the beta version also includes some other features, such as a button that helps you forward something quick. This feature resembles the one that appeared on the iOS in the beginning of this month. Long story short, you can share media in other conversations too.

If you’re in the beta program and want to see the update on your device, simply go to the Play Store/ My Apps/ WhatsApp and then tap on the Update button.