We all know that a new card in the Clash Royale means new challenges. The Heal spell will be released next week into the game and players will now have the opportunity of winning more than 100 cards in the Heal Draft Challenge. However, we have to wait and see whether Heal will be a total game changer or a dud, but either way it’s something that is really useful.


The current meta version enjoys one of the most dominant decks, namely the Lava-Loon. If you combine it with Heal, then you may just have one of the most powerful deck ever. If you add Heal to the Balloon, you will see an HP boost both for Balloon and the surrounding cards, which lets you reach the Crown Tower of the opponent.

Lava Hound

Even though it’s great when you combine it with the Balloon, the Lava Hound and the flying troops deck can enjoy even more Heal. Lava Hound actually absorbs damage, while the rest of the troops, such as Baby Dragon and Minions deal damage from the rear. If you add Heal, Lava Hound is going to be even more difficult to face.


Giant is slightly underappreciated in the current meta, maybe because there are lots of ways you can deal damage to him before it reaches the Crown Tower. With Heal, both Giant and the support troops can hold their own during the fight at the other end of the Arena.


Last but not least, Sparky is still a good card to play. With Heal, you have the option of making Sparky or the tank pushes lethal. If you have extra HP for Sparky and the supporting troops, you can easily have more Sparky blasts, thus more chances to damaging the Crown Tower!

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