We have to admit that in the last years, technology has evolved a lot and we got the chance to see some really powerful laptops. One of these is the Dell XPS 13, which incorporates all the features you might want. At the same time, we have Microsoft’s Surface Book, which is a hybrid laptop that comes for a premium price.


If we were to take a look at the two laptops, we would see that they resemble each other a lot. They both run on the PCIe SSDs and offer up to 16 GB RAM. However, you should keep in mind that the Surface laptop offers 4 GB RAM, and if you want 8 more, you have to pay extra. The Surface laptop relies on an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, while the Dell product offers HD Graphics 520.


Dell went for a 3200×1800 pixels resolution display, and you have the option of going for a touchscreen if you want. Both of them are great, but it all depends on what you prefer. It offers small bezels and a great design. Meanwhile, Microsoft Surface sports a 2256×1504 pixels display, plus it has touch support enabled. Moreover, you can also use the Surface Pen as the Surface Dial on the device.


When it comes to pricing, the Surface model is much cheaper than the other laptop. This happens because Dell did not want to use 128 GB storage and 4 GB RAM. The XPS 13 touchscreen version, paired with a Core i5 CPU, 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM costs £1299, for example. At the same time, a similar configuration present on the Surface device rises to £1249. If you take a look at the numbers, the base surface model is cheaper.

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