There are dozens of video game titles out there that deserve of one’s attention, but among them are a few iconic video game franchises that have made history throughout the evolution of this industry. One of them is The Sims, which is currently at game number 4. That shouldn’t fool you however as every Sims game has received a ridiculous amount of DLCs, which are additions to the game that bring extra content and features to the table. The Sims 4 alone has more than 20 DLCs, which would mean that the latest experience would have to be called something along the lines of The Sims 60.

Can’t update

Now, while The Sims is one of the most beloved video games it is also one of the most frustrating ones for the players that are struggling with updating the game. It would seem that quite a few unlucky souls have stumbled across an issue that won’t let them update their game, and without that update they can’t run it either. So they’re basically unable to play the game they paid for because of an error they can’t explain. In the following paragraphs we will go over the various fixes that can solve this problem and hopefully restore people’s ability to update the game and play it.

How to fix the problem

Try the easy, usual ones first, before advancing to the harder stuff

Before anything more drastic is done, it’s important to check that the problem cannot be solves with a simple solution. Try restarting your computer first, and if that doesn’t work try repairing the game. The repair option should be available after a right click on the game’s icon, from the My Games section.

Dealing with Origin

Origin is a service through which the game updates its files, remains up to date and receives the latest news and features from the developer’s server. Sometimes, problems with this service can cause the game to stop working or in this case to stop updating, and stop working as a consequence.

  • The first thing that can be done in this sense is to empty Origin’s cache. This is done by deleting everything in the Origin folder (except for LocalContent) located in the ProgramData folder. The latter can be usually found on a computer’s C: / directory.
  • There is a second Origin folder which needs to be emptied, and it is located under the Users folder in the same directory. More precisely, it is found in the folder with the specific username.
  • The third and fourth Origin folders is found under AppData/Local and AppData/Roaming/Origin

One extra step in case it doesn’t work would be to uninstall Origin completely and install the latest version manually. Before installing the new Origin, it’s best to also perform a registry cleanup through CCleaner or a similar tool.

Other solutions

It is also worth trying to reset the game to factory settings. This will erase saved data so it’s important to copy the game save data folder in a safe place before proceeding. The folder is found under Electronic Arts in the Documents folder.

One last solution would be to enable the Safe Mode transfer for Origin which can be done from the app settings. From there, simply check the box that says Safe Mode Transfer. This box is under the Advanced settings.

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