A few days ago, Niantic has officially revealed that it is in process of updating the Pokémon Go game and it has finally brought version 0.63.1 for Android and 1.33.1 for iOS.

While the update hasn’t added too much to the game, the data miners have found some interesting code inside the new version of the game. It seems that an overhaul for the gym battles is finally coming to the game and this will surely make many Pokémon Go fans very happy.

First of all, the release notes for the latest Pokémon Go update reveal that the latest version of the game comes with Brazilian Portuguese language support and it allows players to tap on medals in order to show their progress to the next tier.

According to the miners from “The Silph Road,” there are a lot of new codes inside the latest Pokémon Go update. It seems that many new features and improvements are about to come soon to the game. For example, two of the code lines that the data miners have found are related to defeating a raid and a search function for gym.

We can also notice that ahead of the “defeat raid code” there is “ACTIVITY,” which suggests that you will gain experience by defeating the “raid Pokémon.” In the same code, there is a line with feeding a berry to either the raid Pokémon or your own Pokémon.

We have to agree that raids will be an awesome addition to Pokémon Go. This way, you and your friends will be able to team-up in order to defeat a powerful Pokémon in order to gain nice items and experience.

Unfortunately, it is not sure yet when these codes will finally be enabled by the developers. Hopefully, this will happen sometime soon so we can finally see some players coming back to the Pokémon Go game.

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