It has become part of the Call of Duty culture to include a zombie killing experience that comes with the main game. This has been going on for quite a few years and almost all CoD iterations also let you dump your frustrations on endless packs of angry zombies. It looks like the developer is maintaining the tradition with the newest DLC for CoD:BO III. The DLC will be called Zombies Chronicles and it already has a trailer that shows what fans can expect from the iteration.

These zombies ain’t fresh

It is important to note that this DLC isn’t made of original and new content. Instead, it is a compilation of some of the best Zombie maps that have been released for previous versions of the popular war simulator. There’s not just the same maps, as they have been remastered. These maps come from games like Call of Duty: World at War and even the previous Black Ops titles. The DLC also includes some goodies that will help players make their way through the hordes of undead more easily, such as GobbleGum and Liquid Divinium. Players also get a new weapon camo called Zombies Pack-A-Punch.

What’s in the box

So now that we know what to expect from the DLC as far as additional content goes, what exactly are these maps? Here’s the complete list of maps that you can expect from the upcoming zombie DLC:

Call of Duty: World at War maps

Nach de Untoten

This map will have players battle zombies in a space suspended airfield which is also abandoned so no one can hear screams.


This one is a more enclosed environment that features the dark and scary corridors of an abandoned German asylum, roamed by packs of undead.

Shi No Numa

This map takes players to Japan and drops them in a hell-infested swamp where undead stalk them from every inch of the dense vegetation

Call of Duty: Black Ops and Black Ops II

Kino der Untoten

This map takes players in an abandoned movie theatre where horror movies are much so reality


Here, players have to fight the most wretched fiends, results of the experiments of the soviets


Lush jungle environment, mysterious labyrinths and deep caverns. Would have been a great place to explore if not for all the undead running around


Some undead are no threat to the Earth but they can sure threaten you here as you battle them on the Moon.


Once again, the Germans managed to surface something that should have stayed buried. The findings of an excavation site are no longer a mystery on this map as players need to clear the area of the evil threat.

You can expect the DLC to make an appearance on the 16th of May. Those who pre-order it from the PS Store will also get an exclusive theme for PlayStation.

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