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Clash of Clans Newest Update and Leaks – What We Know So Far?

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The much-expected Clash of Clans Shipwreck update is rapidly approaching. Supercell has set the launch date in the interval between the 16th and 18th of May, so less than a week, it seems. And the update has already been teased with two short videos that have led many to wonder of what it will bring. What we know for sure is this: the Shipwreck update will give players the opportunity to manage multiple villages at the same time, which is pretty great.

Many rumors have also started forming indicating that Supercell might not make the launch date, seeing as it’s so soon and there were alleged issues with the preparations for the launch. However, reps for the game developer have cleared the air and promised that the update will arrive as promised. And now, further news of a whopping four more teaser trailers have hit the internet via Reddit.

Four Upcoming Teasers

Reddit user 69cupcake has translated the info sheet leaks on the upcoming videos from Chinese. Although the translation isn’t literal, it gives a lot of valuable hints. According to it, on day 3, the Captain says that they will meet new and interesting friends to celebrate with once hitting the new shore. This is what was hinted towards in the second teaser, when Hog Rider decided to make new Skeleton friends.

On the fourth day of the Captain’s Log, there is mention of a game. This led many to wonder what that might mean. Then, on the fifth day, we hear mention of a war song, and on the sixth and last day the captain begins to doubt his abilities to lead the ship. These descriptions are pretty vague, but the discussion boards heated up pretty quickly with a myriad of speculations nevertheless. We’ll just have to wait for the big launch to see what the update will truly bring.