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How You Can go About Google Play Store Download Pending Issues

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Formerly known as the Android Market, Google Play Store is the official app store of the tech giant which was initially released in 2008 for Android users. Today, it is already available for Chrome OS, iOS, the web and of course, Android.

If you are an Android user, you are familiar with how it works and perhaps, have been using it for quite some time now. Also, for a number of times a day, you will be notified to update the apps installed on your device each time updates for certain games become available. Pretty much a handy companion to depend on, isn’t it?

However, there have been complaints by some users that are flooding chat forums related to the Play Store downloads. According to Android users having issues, this recurring problem happens when they are downloading apps using Google Play Store. As the downloading process is ongoing, the notification alert on the top left of the screen appears. When opened, it says “Download Pending”. Conversely, for other users who are updating a number of apps, the message error “Can’t download app!” flashes.

There might be reasons behind this but there have been instances in which a “Download pending” message is present and yet there is really no pending download ongoing. This is what baffles most users and even frustrates them.

When and if you encounter this problem, it might have something to do your app being stuck or the RAM of your device is insufficient. Or perhaps, it has been caused by a recent development on how downloads are handled by the Google Play Store.

The truth is, the recent update on the Play Store brought in some changes that might have affected the way you can download apps. One alteration is that multiple downloads are not allowed anymore. This means that only a single app can be downloaded at a time. While users can be impatient and will attempt to download two apps or more, there will be errors.

But these download pending issues should not put you off since there are ways to work around it. What you need to do is to clear the queue while downloading apps.

You can do this with these simple steps:

  • Launch the Play Store from your device.
  • Go to “My apps & games” using the touchscreen and swiping for the right edge of the display.
  • Once you see the list of apps you are currently downloading on your device, simply select the app you want to cancel the download on by tapping the “X” icon near the download progress bar to stop downloading.

These steps should resolve the downloading issue. However, if this problem will still be apparent, you can try to clear the cache just as you would with your computer device to free some space.


  1. Go to Settings>Apps.
  2. Click on the Play Store icon to go to the info page.
  3. Choose Clear Cache and Clear Data.


Reminder: If you have Marshmallow or a higher version of the Android OS, simply select Storage and perform step 3.


Meanwhile, if you want to download popular apps early on your device, here are some Google Play Store tips and tricks you can use.