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Clash of Clans Update Hiding Behind Mysterious Shipwreck


It was not so long ago that rumors about a shipwreck were coming to Clash of Clans. In fact, the shipwreck rumor was bound to be released in December 2016. Although most of the fans believed a December update should have been big, just as the past years, it never came.

The confused fans went on to think why Supercell would update something that wouldn’t be released after all. However, developers might still be in the middle of something, which could take some time to finish.

Although the rumors may have calmed down a bit since then, constant mentions about shipwrecks on social media have actually given a new ray of hope for COC fans. If you have played the game lately, you could actually see the shipwreck at the bottom left corner of the base.

You might wonder what it could be because you can only do little about it for now. If you click on it, you will just be limited to view more information about the shipwreck and nothing more. You can’t even repair it just like the clan castle that would require you to repair and use it to your own advantage.

The same could be said if you have played Boom Beach, developed by Supercell, wherein you have the ability to get extra resources with the help of the submarine. So, it would take some time to develop, unless they are ready to release it anytime soon.

Supercell is always up-to-date when delivering Clash of Clans updates. This could mean that there is something coming very soon that could surprise everyone. Surely, it might change the outlook of the fans. As long as you play the game regularly, the mystery behind the shipwreck would slowly unfold right before your eyes. For now, just keep on clashing mates!