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Android O Public Beta Available for Download for Nexus and Pixel Devices


The Android O beta has been made available for the public to download and to try out the features it has. Previously, the Developer Preview build was available for download on the 21st of March, but the state in which it was at that time was not very recommended for the public to test out. However, if you have a Pixel or a Nexus device, then you can download the public beta and try out what it has to offer.

It is generally recommended that if you do not have a grasp of mobile-related technology then you shouldn’t attempt to full around with experimental features or versions. But, if you are really excited about trying out the new Android O then you can do that, and you also have the option to revert back to the previous OS version you’ve had. Just make sure you have all the data on your current operating system backed-up.

To begin with, it will only be available for the Nexus Player, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel C, Google Nexus 6P and Google Nexus 5X. You can get the beta by using the Android Beta Program forwarded by Google.  The compatible devices will have OTA updates for the latest Android OS version. To get enrolled in this program, you will want to type in, and log in to your Google account. Once that’s done, go down the page and find your compatible device and hit the Enroll device, followed by the Join Beta button. After that, things will go smoothly.

If you are done testing out the Beta and wish to revert back to your previous OS, go the same address and hit the Unenroll device button. As previously stated, make sure you have backed-up your data as this will cause all current data from the Beta to be deleted.