Chromecast is a very popular streaming device that has been developed by Google a few years ago. The device allows you to stream content from mobile and web apps, but you can also use it to stream content from your computer via the Google Chrome browser.

Well, it seems that the latest update that has been released for this device has brought some sound issues.

“Chromecast as of update 1.23.xxxx has had issues in regards to stuttering and lag at the beginning of videos. Sound issues involve stuttering and crackling noises. This has gotten worse as now audio will only play directly from tv speakers. Optical connection to sound bar now only produces crackling noise,” said Nekopawed from Reddit.

He also added that the sound bar works without any issues for TV, but it lags while trying to stream via the Chromecast. Nekopawed even tried to fix this issue by updating his Chromecast to preview firmware 1.24.88007, but that didn’t solve the problem.

It seems that he is not the only one having this problem, as others claimed that they have experienced it on their devices. One of the replies was from the user skittishgibbon, who claims that he needs to “switch to the Chromecast start a video then switch input to TV then back to Chromecast”.

Nekopawed edited his post recently, saying that he also found out how to fix this problem, by setting TV audio output to internal speakers.

Google is already aware of this issue and it is probably working on a new update that will fix this problem. However, until this happens, we suggest you to use one of the two solutions to make your Chromecast stream videos without any audio lag.

Are you using Chromecast to stream content on your TV? Tell us what other issues you’ve found on this device while using it!

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