Once again, we get more news in the form of a 3D Video showcasing a Clash of Clans boat being fixed. As seen in the video, it follows a similar teaser style to the Captain’s Log videos released by Supercell since the 5th of May.  Reactions on Twitter are quite positive in regards to the latest video, and it does shine a more positive light on the future of Supercell’s Clash of Clans game.

Reports show that the update will not be taking place this week, but we do know that when it comes out with a new PvP versus mode, but exact information on it is currently unknown.  It is believed by some of the fans that it will be one versus one PvP mode where players can challenge other players, with various loot rewards as prize.

The next Captain’s Log video is believed to provide some information as to when the next Clash of Clans update will be available for download, but the teaser is not out yet. It is estimated that its release date will be on the 18th or 19th of May, and will hopefully give users enough information to anticipate the update even more. This gives rise to speculations that the water-themed update will be launched in the 22nd of May which will no doubt increase the player-base significantly.

An official statement posted on the Supercell forums thanks the fans for the patience they have had for the upcoming update. If anything, this shows that Supercell was well aware of the fact that the players were getting rather tired of the constant teasers and lack of concrete information. No doubt this delay is due to the fact that Supercell wishes to release the next update without any bugs.

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