Clash Royale might soon be receiving a big update that follows the example of Clash of Clans by adding in ship-related features. Most likely, we will also bear witness to a new combat system that makes use of these ships.

Previously, the company Supercell has released various teasers for their ‘’Clash of Clans’’ game that made use of ships and water-themed elements to hit at what is going to come. An example of such video involves a Hog Rider sailing at sea. This most likely confirms that we will see a new shipyard mechanic quite soon.

While the strategic use of ships in Clash of Clans could more or less be anticipated, the same cannot be so easily said of Clash Royale. It will be quite interesting to see how they will be implemented considering the arena-style gameplay the game has. While not an undesired feature by far, players did voice demands towards other features to be implemented. In contrast to water-based combat, players in Clash Royale have been clamoring for aerial defensive capabilities. This comes, in no small part, due to the big advantage that air-based offensives, such as the Balloons and the Baby Dragons, can give to a player.

As far as tournaments are concerned, gamers will hopefully have strong rewards if they are to be won. Most players join in tournaments thanks to the potent legendary cards that are received once winning. However, players would also desire to have rewards available to the runner-ups, and not just the winner.

The game is sadly becoming increasingly tedious and monotonous, and players are ever needy for new features to be implemented. The previously mentioned requests by the player would most likely improve their overall experience, and the game would probably get better reactions from the players. They are still subject to review by Supercell and have not yet been addressed in meaningful way.

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