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GTA 5 Mods In Online Platform Is Not Good

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We’ve talked yesterday about how MODS could get you banned while playing the GTA 5 Online, but it seems that some players never understand until they get their accounts banned.

Tengerecki from GTAForums said that “I tried to use my online characters in director mode but I can’t. It shows question marks on both of my existing GTA:Online characters and it says “unavailable”. I’ve been permanently banned from GTA Online for quite some time now; can this be the reason?” To make things even worse, he mentioned that he is using the following mods on GTA 5: scripthookv, community scripthookdotnet, lua script, native ui, openIV, asi loader, menyoostuff and skin control.

As expected, someone has already replied to him that “those mods are the reason that you got banned”, saying that in case that is a permanent ban, his characters will be deleted forever.

On the other hand, if it is a temporary ban, the characters will be once again active when the ban expires, but they will get a “reset,” meaning that the user will need to start over again.

We all know that MODS are awesome, but we suggest you to keep using them only in single-player mode. Once you want to start playing GTA 5 Online with your friends, make sure that you disable all the MODS, or else you might get banned for a simple MOD that was not doing anything bad to the game itself (such as allowing you to get loads of money or something similar).

It seems that the GTA 5 Online platform is able to detect MODS very fast and it is just a matter of time until you get caught and you get your account banned temporarily or even worse, permanently.

Are you playing GTA 5? Have you ever tried to use MODS on the Online platform?