Minecraft has been available on PlayStation 4 since September 2014, but it seems that there are still new players who are giving this game a try. Today we will talk about CisumStraeh from Reddit, who plays Minecraft player on his PS4 and who is wondering what the best way to defend his base is, because he’s new and doesn’t know all the strategies yet.

While most of you already think of traps, it seems that the best way to defend a base on Minecraft in the first days is by just using torches. Two Reddit users have already confirmed that the best way is to just use blocks of Torches around the base until you get enough resources to build something fancy.

And since at the beginning of the game you are very low on resources, we think that the best way is to do what the experienced players from Reddit have just said. Once you gather enough resources, you can always go for Iron Golems, Snow Golems, TNT Cannons and other stuff that require a good amount of materials.

At the same, thewildestwave from Reddit, suggested the new player to “build a nice house, hutt, tent for protection against the elements. Make sure the inside and outside are decently lit that way you have a somewhat safe base of operations or temporary home.”

It seems that even if Minecraft is a pretty old game, there are many people who are interested in joining it. The good thing about Minecraft is that it is a game for both kids and adults, which makes it a perfect virtual world where you and your kid can have fun while building constructions and defending them from other villagers.

How did you defend your base in your first Minecraft days? Tell us your thoughts about this awesome game!

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