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New Clash of Clans Update to Have Versus Battle Mode

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It’s no secret that all Clash of Clans players from all around the world have been eagerly expecting for developer Supercell to launch its new update. The update has been dubbed in many ways, such as the Shipwreck update, the Boat update or the Broken Boat update. This is all due to a series of teasers released by the game developing company, in which characters Hog Rider, Pig and Wizard are sailing across an endless sea towards a new land. The fourth teaser in the series dropped this Monday, on May 15, and you can watch it below.

The update was supposed to come sometime between May 16 and 18, but seeing as that time slot ended, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s not coming any time soon. Although the developer team working on the update over at Supercell initially reassured everyone that the update is coming as planned, it seems that the rumors of mishaps and bumps along the road that will delay the launch are true.

Although we don’t know when the update is coming anymore, we might know what it will bring. Supercell has confirmed that the update will bring a new game mode to Clash of Clans, and now images have leaked on the official forums indicating that that new mode will be the Versus Battle mode. The Versus Battle mode is similar to the 1v1 or PvP mode in Clash Royale, Supercell’s other widely-successful game.

Other than that, Supercell has been keeping radio silent on the new massive update it will bring out. Players are getting impatient, but unfortunately, nobody knows when the update will drop. Many hope that it will come a few days after the final video teaser is published, namely the fifth one. Let’s hope for the best.