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The Sims 5 Release Date

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The most recent installment of The Sims franchise was released in September 2014. The Sims 4 has given players some additional social features into the game, in which they can import the house and its content to another location. Due to the success of the game, fans are looking forward to another installment that would provide advanced features.

However, it was anticipated that the next version of the game would not come until 2019. This was due to the fact that all other versions in the series have at least 4 or 5 years intervals before the next installment was released. Moreover, no confirmation has been made yet regarding the release of the said installment anytime soon.

The addiction of the fans to this series has begun since the first installment. Therefore, it can’t be denied that fans would look out for a much better version after each one has been released.

In another development though, Electronic Arts have earlier admitted that its release of The Sims 5 would depend on the market success of the current installment. But, some people have considered the negative ratings and reviews of The Sims 4, giving more confusion regarding its release date.

Nonetheless, the upcoming version is expected to be more amazing than that of the previous one. For this reason, EA might put something more as far as features are concerned to The Sims 5 in order to attract more players into the game.

Franchise officials have already made a prior statement that if The Sims 4 wouldn’t have any satisfactory sales results, The Sims 5 just might be delayed or not happen at all. Additionally, an official aired on Twitter that they might release a statement to confirm the next installment if they begin working on the game. However, they can’t assure the fans for now, as they are currently focused on The Sims 4.