WhatsApp has over 1.2 billion monthly active users, meaning that hackers will always try to use this application in their favor. Currently, a new malicious link is shared across this popular application and this is the reason why you should be careful and think twice before opening an unknown link.

According to yuexist from Reddit, this malicious link is already being shared by hundreds of users on WhatsApp application. This link will actually trick the user to install the malware in their mobile devices.

The Reddit user mentioned that the link claims that it will install a new WhatsApp version that comes in different colors. Unfortunately, once you open the link, you will be asked to share the site with your friends in order to get yourself verified. Once this do this, all your friends will receive a message saying “I love the new colors for WhatsApp” along with the malicious link.

We remind you that most of the malicious links that are shared on the social media platforms contain letters from Cyrillic alphabet. In other words, you can very easily notice the malicious message if you read them carefully.

The users who will visit the malicious link will install a malware on their mobile device, meaning that this could allow a hacker to gain access of your personal data.

We remind you that the same technique was used in the past in order to trick PayPal users to use their email and password in a fake PayPal web page where the hackers would be able to see their login credentials.

We know that the developers of WhatsApp are continuously working on improving their application, but they will also need a find a way to stop these links from being shared via their service.

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