If you’re a Clash of Clans player, then you’re probably eagerly awaiting for the new and heavily teased new update to drop. While developer Supercell promised initially that the new update will come sometime between May 16 and 18, it seems that that’s not the case anymore, so we’ll most likely have to wait until next week, or this weekend at the soonest.

Supercell released the fourth teaser in its video teaser series this Monday. You can watch the full video here.

And now fans are starting to speculate on Reddit that the fifth and final teaser is bound to come soon, and the new update will launch soon after it. A lot of Redditors are also throwing around an interesting new hypothesis: the last video teaser in the series will also contain the most valuable information about what the new update will bring.

It’s no secret that the update’s contents have been long discussed, and there are a couple of rumors on this topic floating around as we speak. However, developer Supercell hasn’t given an official statement on the update’s contents yet, which is very unfortunate because it has lead people to give into Internet gossip. However, the team of developers did tell us what NOT to expect from the update, so at least that’s something, right?

As far as the rumors go, this update could head into different directions. We could get a versus mode feature, or even the ability to manage multiple villages at the same time. These are both features that players have been requesting for the longest time now, so we can’t actually be sure if that’s going to happen or it’s just another round of wishful thinking.

In any case, we’ll just have to wait for the official update to drop to see what it’s all about.

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