Microsoft has been very busy with improving Windows 10 for its users, including a fresh, new look for its design scheme which will be included in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. According to sources, the “Fluent Design System” will also be seen on the tech giant’s iOS and Android apps. If things will go as expected, this will be unveiled at an event in Shanghai come May 23rd.  But this is not the only change to look forward to since there will also be an update for Gmail users with Windows 10 OS.

What to Expect

Aside from the new Windows 10 home screen design, a major update is for the Mail and Calendar apps that includes the Focused Inbox. This feature makes it possible to sort out important emails located in the cloud, automatically, and store them in a Focused tab.

Moreover, some Outlook and other email web client hosted by Microsoft features can be enjoyed by Windows 10 Gmail account holders, exclusively. The company will already be testing the updates on Mail and Calendar apps, although, there is no information yet when these features can also be available for other Gmail users.

After the tech giant acquired the email start-up Accompli in 2014 and which had the Focused Inbox as its key feature, the app became known as Outlook for Android and iOS. The ownership for the company was bought for $200 million. With the mobile app, management of the calendar, email, files and contacts is easier. Unfortunately, it was only available for Office 365 and Outlook accounts. But with the much-awaited Gmail for Windows 10 upgrade, this will not be the case. Confirmed by the company in January, this update will remove the Clutter feature of Microsoft.

Apart from the automatic sorting which is capable of deciphering which contacts the user regularly interacts with, including content, disabling the feature will also be possible so as to suit the preference of the Gmail user. For now, Windows 10 insider enrollees can have the new Gmail experience.

How Does It Work?

Those who have joined the Windows 10 Insider program need to sync their email, contacts and calendar to the Microsoft Cloud to enjoy these features.  Also, they will be asked at least two times if they are interested to use the new features and will receive a prompt asked if they want their Gmail account settings updated. If not, the notification will again pop up after a few weeks.

While skeptics claim that this feature is not at all dissimilar with what Inbox by Gmail offers, there is a difference in terms of interface. Moreover, users who prefer the regular Gmail and at the same time are Windows 10 users will find this feature convenient once they get familiar with it.

With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update details revealed and the upgrade for Windows 10 Gmail to be rolled out, there really is much to expect in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, those who are using other Google apps and accessing need not worry for possible effects on their Gmail experience, as assured by Microsoft.

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