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Google Assistant Update Download Available on iOS


If you’re a tech enthusiast, then you might already know that Google held its annual developer conference, Google I/O, this week and made many new interesting reveals. The conference took place at their headquarters in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. In their keynote speech at the conference, the company has announced that it will replace its GPS system with a more accurate one named VPS, or visual positioning system.

And the good news doesn’t stop here. Google will also implement smarter ways of sharing photos, as well as expand on their already ongoing research in the field of virtual and augmented reality. However, a piece of news that seemed strange at first was that Google was also bringing out Google Assistant for iOS devices. This is an indirect declaration of war against Apple’s own Siri, as far as we can tell.

Google Assistant is a virtual assistance service that works very much like Siri on Apple devices. It was initially released as an exclusive feature for Google Pixel devices, but it seems that now it’s ready to take on the entire world, including competitor Apple. However, Apple is happy to receive apps and stuff from Google, as we’ve noticed with the implementation of Google Maps on iOS. Apple Maps was a far more unreliable alternative, as far as users reported.

But is Google Assistant better than Siri? Depending on who you ask, the answer might vary. In our opinion, it’s good for both Google and Apple to branch out in this way, and the exchange of apps and programs between these two tech giants can have some benefits for both the companies and their users.

What about you? What do you think about Google’s decision to bring their Assistant app out for iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below.