For avid Android users, the Google Play Store is an integral part of their devices, whether it is a smartphone or tablet. This app serves as the marketplace for apps, content, magazines, songs, television shows, and movies. Formerly referred to as the Android Market, it is also Google’s official app store for devices with the Android platform.

Since Google is one of the most popular search engines today, maintaining its status is important. Thus, the company does not stop from improving its products and services as well as fixing whatever issues may surface. The Play Store, being an important app, receives updates regularly which users are used to.

The more Google apps installed on your Android device, the more update notifications you should expect to get. Even the Play Store itself undergoes enhancements and fixes. Just like in the latest version of the app store, the build 7.8.16, that came with new icons.

Google Play Store Bids Adieu to the Shopping Bag

While it might not be quite a noticeable change and with some users not even making a big fuss out of it, the shopping bag that encloses the colorful triangle of the app icon has already been removed.

No one really knows the reason behind such a move by the technology giant. It might be a marketing strategy or just a simple decision of going minimalistic. The update, which was rolled out last Wednesday, did not really have major alterations except for the new look of the notification icons and the appearance of the main app. It is believed that the Play Store icon has been streamlined while the layout of the icons for notification is more on aesthetics and uniformity.

The sudden change of the app icon will definitely receive contentions and mixed reactions since most have been used to the shopping bag that has been part of the colorful triangle for years. But for some, its disappearance will make the icon seamless in terms of visuals since the Google Play Store has always been good at complementing the background no matter what the type of wallpaper is used. As for the notification icons, it received the new look sans the shopping back.  The white checkmark is now strategically located on the green triangle itself which has a shape similar to the logo of the main app.

Actually, the change in the appearance of the Play Store app icon is not at all surprising. The now Alphabet-owned company has done the same thing with the Google Pixel a year ago. The iconic shopping bag has already been taken away from the rounded version of the app image and with the recent changes, the triangular main app icon is now a stand alone.

If you have been busy with other things and may have overlooked the slight change on the Play Store, you might want to check it out and see the difference. Conversely, you can also access the Google Play Store from your iPhone if you do not have an Android device.s

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