Minecraft surely doesn’t need an introduction anymore, as it is one of the most popular games out there. Well, it seems that more and more players prefer to have their own private server. Some of them are not decided yet what hosting company should they use for their private Minecraft server.

A good example is zrk03 from Reddit who’s asking: “What’s the best server host? I have been looking at Beastnode and some others. Do you guys have any ideas which hosts are good and which ones i should avoid.”

Well, someone that has VKGaming username in the mentioned website has replied to him saying that “CubedHost is very reliable and has an easy to use control panel.” He also added that this also depends on what type of Minecraft server someone is planning to start, but overall the vanilla smp servers have run always great using the mentioned hosting company.

Unfortunately, zrk03 found the company to be a bit expensive for his budget and this is the reason why AllOutJay wanted him to specify what budget does he have and for what purpose it will be used.

Well, it seems that zrk03 is looking for a server that is able to support a mudpack, some plugins and about 30 players. zrk03 also added that he is completely new to this kind of stuff and he is not entirely sure what server he should purchase.

From our experience, it is never a good idea to go with a cheap server, as most of the times you will notice that the server will have some issues such as stability or lag. You surely don’t want your Minecraft server to crash while you have about 20 players online on your server, working on something important.

First of all, you should get a server that’s located nearby, meaning that if you are from Europe purchase one that’s hosted in Europe. After that, get an idea on how much RAM the plugins and packs you want to add to the server. Once you have an idea about the specifications that your server needs, start looking for some decent prices. However, you should ALWAYS look for reviews regarding the Minecraft servers hosted by a company and make sure that the company will refund you in case you are not satisfied with its service (usually before 30 days have passed).

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