Instant messaging apps come with a diverse array of benefits that make everyday communication a whole lot easier for everybody. And out of all the services of this kind out there, WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular. The most advantageous aspect of such apps is that you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and it’s free of any charge. All you need is an active Wi-Fi connection, or to turn on your mobile Internet.

However, this also brings along a very unpleasant disadvantage. We’re talking about scams, of course. WhatsApp scams generally function the old-fashioned way: you receive a message with a link, and it tricks you into installing malware on your device. It sounds pretty easy to avoid, but some of them are really clever. And now, according to Reddit user yuexist, another one is circulating, and it’s tempting to click on it.

The new scam comes with the promise of allowing you to install WhatsApp in different colors. While that does sound fishy, many people fall for it because, let’s face it, its standard colors are extremely boring. And having WhatsApp in different color schemes has been a long-running demand users made for the app, but it never got listened to.

While the link might seem tempting enough, refrain from clicking on it. It won’t bring you WhatsApp in different colors, it will only bring you trouble. Clicking on such links installs malware on your device, which can lead to data being stolen from you. Therefore, avoid clicking on suspicious links. After all, if there was a possibility to have WhatsApp in different colors, the option would have been integrated into the app.

So, have you received the infamous malware text message yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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