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What’s The Best Minecraft Version For Your Kid?

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Minecraft is an awesome game that can be played by both kids and adults. Well, SkoivanSchiem is now considering purchasing the Minecraft game for his 4 year old daughter and he is not sure if he should purchase it for Nintendo Switch or PC.

“We own a capable PC and a Nintendo Switch, but ‘m not sure what platform to buy it on.While playing the demo, she had a bit of trouble getting a hang of the controls (WASD + handling the mouse, especially since I own a Logitech G502). So I was wondering if maybe she’d have an easier time with the Switch in terms of controls. Also, I don’t know what the significant differences of the PC version and Switch version are, so if anyone can help with that it would be greatly appreciated,” said SkoivanSchiem.

Thankfully, he got a bunch of replies on Reddit and one of them was suggesting him to purchase it for Nintendo Switch, just because his daughter will be able to play the game at home on TV or even while traveling by car. However, we think that the best answer was given by TheGoryElk, as he really had a good point.

“I want to say PC, simply because you can download mods to make the game nicer for her (more flowers, less scary mobs, revert combat changes, easier resource gathering, etc etc etc). Also, you could play with her on a laptop or something if you want to play simultaneously and go on adventures and stuff,” said TheGoryElk.

So, yeah, TheGoryElk knows what he’s talking about, especially since a 4 year old child is about to play this game. We have to agree that there are some really nasty mobs in this game, which might be a bit scary for a little girl at this age. In other words, if you want to get your little kid into Minecraft, it is better to keep him/her away from ugly monsters until (s)he gets a bit bigger.