WhatsApp is a very popular application with over 1.2 billion monthly active users. Today we will talk about a new feature that this application has received, which can now be accessed by any user that has his smartphone running on Android OS.

We have to remind you that “pinned chats” feature has been added to the WhatsApp BETA version for quite a while, but it seems that the developers have finally decided that the feature can be added to the latest STABLE version of WhatsApp, which can be downloaded right now to your smartphone.

While the new feature might be quite simple, we can say that it is very useful, especially when you talk with many people on WhatsApp. You can pin up to three chats (group chats or normal chats), which means that three of your favorite chats will always stay on top, no matter when the last message was sent on them.

WhatsApp: Pinning A Chat

In order to pin a chat on WhatsApp is very easy as you will just need to go to the main “Chats” page of the application, tap and hold the chat that you want to pin and select the “Pin” button that’s located on the top side of the window. You can also unpin the chat by taking the same steps and select the “unpin” button placed in the same location.

WhatsApp: How To Get The New Pin Feature

In order to get the new “Pin” feature, you will just need to update the WhatsApp application to the latest version. To do this, just open the Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp and tap “UPDATE” to start the updating process.

WhatsApp: Will “Video Conference” Be Added Soon?

Unfortunately, the developers of WhatsApp have not mentioned anything about the “Video Conference” feature yet. This means that it is not sure if and when this new feature will be added to the application.

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