There have been a lot of important WhatsApp updates rolling through the Google Play platform since the app was first created, and now users and fans have the possibility of getting yet another one. The latest innovation from WhatsApp will bring pinned chats to the table. The new Pinned Chat feature is pretty self-explanatory as far as the name goes, and anyone with an Android device can get it as the latest update for WhatsApp is currently live on the Google Play Store.

This comes after the feature was spotted earlier on a WhatsApp build that was at the time being tested on the app’s beta platform. Now, it has finally reached live and made available to all that want to try it out. This new feature is great for a very specific class of WhatsApp users. The users in question are the ones that always find themselves scrolling through a large list of messages, just to find one particular chat that interests them. It’s even worse when users don’t care that much for the other chats featured in their list, and only want to check out the one they’re having difficulty reaching.

The new feature will make it so that will no longer be the case. Thanks to the newly implemented Pinned Chats feature, users will be able to, as the feature name suggests, pin chats on the list. They will be able to pin up to a total of three chats. These chats will then take their place on top of all other messages in the list, and will remain there no matter what becomes of any other chat or message which might be moving around.

This is a great feature because it allows users to easily access their favorite conversations in a very quick fashion without having to scroll through a lot of chats they don’t care about. It acts similar to how phone numbers or contacts can be favored or even dragged to the phone’s homescreen as a quick access icon. While pinning a chat won’t create a shortcut on the phone’s homescreen, it will offer the user in question the option of instantly getting access to the chat windows they were after.

As specified before, this new feature is part of the new WhatsApp update which means that all that users have to do in order to secure it for themselves is to go to Google’s official Play Store platform and download the latest update for the Android WhatsApp app.

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