Currently, there have been reports in regards to a jailbreaking method for famous PlayStation PS4 consoles, and these could potentially change your gameplay experience. This jailbreak will supposedly work on the PS4 4.50 and the PS4 4.55, but it’s still being developed on.

Despite this, the developers have not released any official information in regards to the tool that is being made for the PlayStation consoles. Sony has yet to state anything relating to these rumors about the jailbreaking tool.

Previously, there existed a method that was dubbed the Brazilian Jailbreak Raspberry pi, that allowed the console users to pirate games. That has been the case in 2014, but now it would seem that a new group of hackers have released a jailbreaking method and instructions on how to go forward with it.

But, if you want to try it yourself, information released by the PS4 Portal Team describe that you need to have a PlayStation version of 4.55 or less, a USB stick with 1GB of space and the Winrar software. Knowing this, the tool can be potentially used on the PS4 Pro or the PS4 Slim.

Apparently, there is a cracked PlayStation market where users are able to download and play approximately 50 games without having to pay for them, and it’s being constantly refreshed with new additions. There are also reports that the games function perfectly normal, and have no issues attributed to them. There is also the possibility of downloading various custom made applications too.

PS4 4.50 Jailbreak

There is some information surfacing on the internet which suggests that hackers might work on a version of the Jailbreak for the PlayStation 4.50. While there is no exact information on the release date, the current version of the jailbreak seems to be functioning well enough.

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