Minecraft is evolving, as Mojang keeps bringing new features and options to the game with every new version that it releases. However, it seems that there are some players who prefer to have their game as it used to be in the past.

For example, eVanGogh97 from Reddit, has asked some help regarding the size of the map on Minecraft: PC version. “I just want a mod or something that will limit the world size like on PS3. It makes it feel as if I can get to know the world better which I loved about the PS3 version of Minecraft,” said eVanGogh97.

Well, thanks to this nice community that Reddit has, eVanGogh97 was helped quite fast by someone that has the username WildBluntHickok on the mentioned platform. According to WildBluntHickok, it is quite easy to limit the Minecraft world size on the PC by just using a simple command. However, he mentioned that whoever wants the border at the 1km mark, that’s actually a 2km setting (-1000 to +1000). Sometimes, people have messed up by using this command and this is the reason that you should do the calculation before.

So, in order to limit the world size on Minecraft: PC version to be similar to the PS3 version of the game, just write the “/worldborder set 2000” command while in the game. Keep in mind that this command can be used while you are in your LAN server or in an online service where you have operator status.

So, if you somehow want to limit your Minecraft world on PC, just use the following command and you will be able to shrink it as much as you want.

Are you playing Minecraft on PC? Tell us what other commands you are using in this game that helps you make the game more fun!

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