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Adobe Flash Player in Google Play Store


It is no longer possible to download Adobe Flash Player from the Play Store. The good thing though is that Android device users can still download and install Flash Player from the archived versions page of the Flash Player.

You can install Flash Player manually on your Android device though by just following these easy steps.

  • Internet Connection – make sure that you have Internet connection upon deciding to download the latest version of the app.
  • Unknown Sources – Simply go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, then tap OK in order to confirm.
  • Launch the Browser – Launch the browser of your choice, after closing Settings.
  • Flash Player Archive Page – Find the Flash Player archive page or directly navigate to this link
  • Flash Player for Android – Once in the Archive Page, you have to scroll down to Flash Player for Android archives.
  • Android-Compatible Flash Player – You need to find the Flash Player version that should be compatible with your Android OS. Simply tap the link in order to download the installer for Flash Player. The download process will begin automatically.
  • Install Flash Player – You have to close the browser after the download has completed. After which, you have to Open Notifications and tap the downloaded file named install_flash_player.apk. After being prompted to install, you just have to tap Install. When the installation has completed, simply tap Done.

Android device users are now unable to download Adobe Flash Player straight from Google the Play Store. Therefore, you have to do it manually from the Flash Player Archive page.

However, this is only advisable if you are a developer testing a Website by applying different versions of Adobe Flash Player. If you are looking to download for your own device, try visiting the Flash Player Download Center by typing this link on your browser: in order to install the latest version of the plugin.