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Latest Google Play Store News and Update to Check Out


If you are an Android user and a fan of Google Play Store, you are fully aware that this app rolls out updates regularly to introduce new features or report performance enhancement. That said, it’s important to click the Play Store update button when you get a notification. But if you have been too busy recently, then you should get the updated version of this popular in-store app of Google since it is already available for download. In case you didn’t know, you are in for a surprise since security improvements came with the latest version.

Security Alert

As app developers continue to work hard to improve their products and lure users to download, hackers are also on their toes to attack computer systems and mobile devices with malware and viruses. This means that the more apps you try to download on your device, the more it becomes vulnerable to potential threats. Fortunately, the latest Google Play Store update comes with a security notification alert that identifies an unknown source. Once you download an app from a suspicious source, Play Store alerts you as a reminder. Consequently, you can cancel the download and save your phone from malware and retain the security of pertinent information.

Photo Book

Google Play Store, being the official source of Android apps, both free and with a price, is also the go-to app for updating apps. In the recent I/O conference, Google announced that Android users can now create photo books that used to be just available with the web version. Now, these updates can also be found in Google Play Store since the Photo Book feature is already on for Android and iOS.

Latest News Update on Google Play Store App

Google, Inc. is again on the hot seat with the latest malware attack on devices and computer systems via Google Play Store. According to reports, Check Point, a security company, was able to discover that fraudulent software has been embedded in the apps available for download from the app store. Instigated by a South Korean company, Enstudio, this software commits fraud by using apps used to visit websites. If this app opens a website link, the ads displayed on the site will be automatically clicked. These ad clicks have generated around $300,000 per month for the Korean company and the said apps have already been downloaded at least 36 million times by unsuspecting users.

Google had tried using the “Bouncer” technology that supposedly blocks software of this kind from accessing the Play Store. However, it failed to identify the malicious apps were being used in fraud against advertisers. This is because the automated ad clicking software was added to the apps after these apps have been downloaded by users on their smartphones and mobile devices.  There have also been talks that this has been ongoing since April last year and given the time lapse, the defrauder has already earned so much from advertisers. Google was able to remove 41 of these apps to ensure the Play Store remains secure.

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