There is something new that fans of YouTube for Android should get excited about. This is the latest update to the app that you will soon notice the next time you use it. Instead of having the main navigation bar at the top, it will now be at the bottom of the app. You can get the update by visiting the Google Play Store.

According to Google, this new update would make the experience more consistent across mobile platforms. In fact, the new user interface is already available on the App Store for iOS devices. Basically, the navigation bar at the bottom would show the Trending, Home, Library, and Subscriptions options.

However, the Library section has recently been separated from the previous Account option. This could be accessed from the profile icon on the top bar, which goes along with the Settings. The Library section would contain all videos you have purchased and uploaded, including your YouTube playlists and watch history.

Take note that the navigation bar at the bottom can be seen on all YouTube app pages. Additionally, Google states that this app will also have the ability to take note of the location where you left off. Therefore, it should be easier to navigate the collection of videos after getting back to the Home section.

You should also know that the latest update has just begun to roll out for the app. Therefore, it is expected to take a few days before it would reach your device. You would be notified of this new YouTube for Android update via the Play Store. As soon as you get the update, you might be one of the first people to share this information to your friends or family. It should be worth the wait because it makes the user experience a lot better.

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