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Clash of Clans 2017 Update – Lots of Improvements and Fixes


In case you were wondering, Clash of Clans is still the most popular mobile MMO (massive multiplayer online) strategy game, at least in the iOS charts for the US. Some recent reports have shown that the freemium mobile game currently owns the longest record for being on the first place in iOS charts, where it landed back in February 2016.

Continuously Working on Improving It

And from what it seems, the team is keen not to stop here. Supercell has recently brought us the biggest update for the game ever since its release for the iOS back in 2012. The update wears the name Builder Base and it shows a completely new world for the Clash of Clans players.

Now you have the ability to build some new towns and to attack other players as well. Besides this, there are various new units, buildings and gameplay modes. What’s more interesting, the update also brings a night-time theme, which many people have been waiting for.

Boost to the Top

Needless to say, the update represented yet another boost to the top. The game immediately reached the top ranks of the charts, landing on #1 on May 22. It kept its position for an entire week, being dethroned only on May 29.

Still Several Things to Fix

However, despite the huge success of the update, the developers still had to come up with an optional update. It was released last week and it aims to fix various bugs that were reported to be in the game. The developer declared that one of the things that were included in the recent update represents a fix addressing the Wall issue. This threw walls back to the game inventory after you saved its layourt in the edit mode. Moreover, you will also see some improvements for the earlier generation iOS devices.