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Sims 5 Leaks and Rumors So Far


If you’re a fan of the Sims games, you most likely know that the Sims 4, the current version of the game that’s on the market, has recently received yet another new expansion pack, namely one that is fitness-themed. However, this elevated degree of interest in the game is exactly what is fueling rumors of a possible Sims 5 game being announced and subsequently released in the near future. Let’s discuss what we know thus far, and keep in mind these are only rumors, so take them with a grain of salt.

Release Date

The only official statement that we have about the possibility of a future Sims 5 game comes from EA execs and claims that the Sims 5 will launch if the Sims 4 performs well on the market and garners a decent amount of profits. Well, it’s pretty obvious that the Sims 4 has an ever growing fan base, and it’s receiving a lot of attention that drawn public interest due to all the new expansions it keeps getting. So a Sims 5 game is certainly in the books. But for when?

According to Blasting News, a website that deals with such matters, the game might be announced sometime next year, in 2018, and then subsequently released in 2019. Other rumors seem to indicate that the Sims 5 is coming in 2020, which also makes sense when one considers the data.

New Features

For one, many people naturally expect the Sims 5 game to feature more items and customization options, such as new and expanded hair and clothes sections, personality traits, but also cars, homes and so on. But perhaps the most talked about new development that will shape up with the Sims 5 is an open world format, which has been severely missed by players with Sims 4.