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Clash Royale Has Currently Some Shop Issues


Clash Royale is a very popular video card game that has been developed by Supercell, the same company that has brought us Clash of Clans. The game has been released back in March 2016 and it is available for Android and iOS.

We need to mention that Clash Royale is pretty solid and most of the issues have been fixed, but according to a Reddit post, there are currently some problems with the in-game Shop.

ā€œSo i bought night witch from the shop, and since i was missing like 22k gold, i used 1000gems to buy it. Woke up this morning and had 40k gold but princess in the shop and no night witch. Dunno if someone have the same issue,ā€ said Nectarinee from Reddit.

MrC4rbon from the same social network has mentioned that he has seen some players saying that the shop in Clash Royale has changed a few hours later after getting it refreshed.

Also, user TheUnknownFactor97 claims that his brother tried to purchase a card and he had to reconnect. By doing so, his brother lost both the card he bought, but also the cards have refreshed.

In other words, we are suggesting you to not purchase any cards in Clash Royale in the next hours until Supercell will fix the issue with the in-game shop. Hopefully, the company will make an official announcement about this problem sometime soon.

It is not sure yet if Supercell will give back the cards to the players, but if you had this problem, we suggest you to contact the company and tell them about your problem. This way, you will increase your chances to get your card back.

We remind you that Supercell has recently released a new update that has brought some new cards to the game and some new features. There are high chances that this update has also brought the mentioned problem.

Are you playing Clash Royale on your mobile device? Tell us what other issues have you found while playing this game!