Square Enix is already done with the sale of the IO Interactive, the company that developed Hitman. In a statement that was released recently, the developer said that they are fully independent after they reached a successful conclusion with Square Enix. According to IO’s declarations, they reached a management buyout. Most importantly, the developer still has the rights to the Hitman franchise, which is something we should be glad for.

However, we don’t know yet what this means exactly, so we will have to wait and see what are the developers’ plans for the franchise. Before, they had declared that they are planning to have content enough for three seasons, but it remains to be seen whether they will stick to this plan or not.

Back in May, Square Enix had made it all public about their plan of selling IO Interactive. This piece of news was quickly followed by another one, regarding some layoffs that took place at the studio. With all that, the studio still went on with the work they have to do on the new content for Hitman.

The Official Statement

The official statement was quite an interesting one. Hakan Abrak, the IO Interactive CEO, started off by mentioning all the activity the company had done in the last 19 years. As such, they have been focusing on some original and interesting entertainment, starting with Mini Ninjas, as well as Freedom Fighters, all the way to Agent 47 and Kane & Kynch. Naturally, he acknowledged the fact that their latest game, Hitman, has become a true sensation, gathering fans all over the world.

Lastly, he said that next week they are going to release some more details about the plans they have for Hitman. Let’s just hope that they will not disappoint the community and will keep up the good work.

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