GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in the world in its single player mode, both online as well as offline. It gained a lot of popularity for its exciting single player campaign that is full of adventures and memorable characters. And also, let’s not forget about its massive multiplayer experience that gathered thousands of players and created one of the strongest online communities. Modding was one of the most important parts of the GTA community, but is seems that this has changed. Keep reading to find what happened.

OpenIV Receives Cease and Desist from Take Two

OpenIV was the most important modding tool used by GTA players until last Monday, when Take Two sent a cease and desist letter to GooD-NTS, the creator of OpenIV. This was a real blow for the GTA community. A lot of people started posting their frustration on forums for GTA 5, like Reddit boards and the official site. This happened because OpenIV offered a lot more than just modding. One example is the video editing tool which was better than GTA 5’s editing tool.

The cease and desist was sent because Take Two thinks that, because of the OpendIV modding tool, players were able create malicious mods that helped them to cheat in the online game and harass other players, as well as interfere with the overall experience. However, the truth is that GTA 5’s online servers were always full of cheaters.


Although Take Two’s reasons were understandable, it needs to be noted that OpenIV was not the main source for cheaters in Grand Theft Auto. But we can’t know for sure Take Two’s intentions were. What do you think about the Take Two versus OpenIV scandal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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