In the beginning of 2016, the mobile messaging apps were being used by 1.4 billion people in the entire world. This meant an increase of 31.6% compared to 2015. Moreover, it is estimated that by 2018, the number will reach 2 billion, which will translate to 80% of the smartphones users worldwide. Let’s have a brief look at the 5 most popular messenger apps that are on the market right now!

Release Date and Origin

WhatsApp and Viber were both released back in 2010, while Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat, shortly after, in 2011. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have their origins in the US, Viber comes from Israel, Line was developed in Japan and WeChat is a Chinese product.

Number of Users

Surprisingly, WeChat has 1.1 billion registered users, surpassing WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, each with 1 billion. Meanwhile, Viber has just more than 800 million, while Line is the last one with 700 million. However, there are different numbers for the users who are active each month. Both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are being used by 1 billion people, while Viber reaches 249 million, followed by Line with 220 million. Lastly, WeChat is used by 818 million people.

Popularity by Countries

In case you were wondering where are the apps more used, then you should check out the following list. WhatsApp is mostly used in Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. At the same time, Facebook Messenger is popular in Canada, Australia, USA, France and England. You will find Viber used largely in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Libya, Sri Lanka and Iraq, while Line is found only in Japan, and WeChat is highly used in China, Japan and Iran.

All in all, they are interesting apps, but for some reason or another they are more popular in certain areas of the world.

Applications 5 Biggest Messenger Apps on the Market Right Now