If you’re one of the Pokemon Go players or fans, you might be receiving a huge surprise, since Niantic has officially announced on the support page that the gyms found in the game will be temporarily closed. The down side is the fact that they didn’t offer any clear hints as to what should we expect and what changes will be made. However, they did say that they are doing because they are “remodeling”.

More Surprises on the Way

According to the official announcement that was published, any Pokemon that is assigned to the Gym will be returned to the players. What’s more, a spokesperson for the developer company gave out some more information on Reddit. According to him, as the team is getting ready for updating the entire game, they want to make sure that the Trainers are aware of the fact that Gyms will be soon disabled. As such, Trainers have to be able to collect the Defender bonus. Thankfully, he also added that the team will provide updates in time on their social media channels before the Gyms close.

Multi-Player Improvements

In the beginning of May, at the TNW conference that took place in Amsterdam, Mike Quigley, who is the Niantic CMO, declared that there is a possibility for them to add some new collaborative features. Their plan is thus to improve the multi-player aspect inside the game. He added that they also intend to improve the gym mechanic inside the game, so that’s what they are focusing on right now.

For now there is no information available on when the remodeled game will be released, but Niantic has proved to us time and again that they are rushing when it comes to updating the game. As such, let’s just hope that we won’t have to wait too long.

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